“My work is an eternal exploration of my own existence and personal geographies. I've subconsciously based all forms of my photography on the Portuguese term "saudade", an undefined and profound emotion that encompasses melancholy, nostalgia and a feeling of longing for those people and moments forgotten.  

This emotional state has been a driving force behind my creativity and artistic pursuits since my teenage years. I hope to understand and unravel personal experiences and states of mind that provide me with insight and answers to why my art has pushed me to recapture the love and anguish that remains dormant in fragments of my past.“


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Yearning for the return of what never will, the space filled with love when what you love is gone. Saudade is an emotion that is expressed across Brjánn Batista Bettencourt’s portfolio, articulated through his choices in light, colour and perspective to capture an innate sense of nostalgic longing. Since 2009 Brjánn’s work has sought to convey a sense of melancholy in longing, yet a sense of bliss in knowing that the feeling is the love that remains. His duality of culture as a Portuguese-Canadian and coming of age experiences play a vital role as influencers in his bodies of work.

Brjánn has been recognized by the CBC for his work with analog film and appeared on the cover of the Spring edition of PhotoLife Magazine for his work with Kodak Ektachrome film. His tenure at Country Music Television as a staff photographer provided him opportunities to work with Shawn Mendes, Shania Twain, Dierks Bentley and other top artists in the music industry. He is currently a candidate for various artist grants for his ongoing documentary projects “Saudade” and “O fado da minha Avó”. 

Brjánn’s curiosity has brought him to his native home of Portugal, Amsterdam, the Baja California Sur, Brooklyn New York, Los Angeles California, Malibu California, Spain and all across Canada. He’s currently living in Toronto, Canada working in the editorial, portrait and commercial space.


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Associated Press Banana Republic
Canadian Press CBC
Corus Entertainment
Country Music Television
Dine Alone Records
The Globe and Mail 
Medium Watches MLS
Ryerson University Skylar Campbell Dance Collective
Tallulah Magazine (U.K)
Team Canada TIFF
The Toronto Star The Trews
University of Toronto
Wax Records

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